About Michael


Michael FougereMichael Fougere was elected as Mayor of Regina on October 24, 2012 after serving for five terms on City Council representing the residents of Ward 4 in southeast Regina.

His experience in civic politics has given him a solid understanding of the community and a sense of what needs to be done to continue the growth and improvement of our City.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours from St. Francis Xavier University and a Masters of Science degree from the London School of Economics. Michael has lived and worked in several provinces, Asia and Europe, focussing on economic development.

Michael is known as a strategic thinker and a man of vision. Most importantly, he is a leader who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and take the initiative to make sure the work gets done and done well. His passion and conviction is second to none.

He is also a man of principle will stand up and make tough decisions that are in the best interest of the citizens he serves. It is these decisions that will continue to make the Regina community grow and prosper.

Michael’s priorities include affordable housing, infrastructure, regional economic development and the advancement of the Regina Revitalization Initiative.

Through his years at City Hall, Michael has demonstrated strong interpersonal and communication skills. During his career in civic politics, Michael has gained valuable experience and knowledge of our community. He has a solid understanding of what needs to be done to continue to enhance and grow our City.

Michael has represented the Province developing business immigration initiatives and investment attraction strategies in Asia, Europe and South America. This unique opportunity and background in international business, gives him a well-rounded perspective to continue to represent Regina in national and global environments.

Michael Fougere

Michael is a talented person who can handle enormous responsibility.

Most importantly, people matter to Michael Fougere. A great city is measured by the quality of life it provides its citizens. Michael is a leader that measures and balances the needs of every neighborhood and of every person because each decision has an effect on the lives of others.

Michael is a leader who places a high regard on family values and quality of life. He understands that making a real difference in people’s lives is important.