Question: Why are you running for a second term as Mayor of Regina?

Answer: I am running for again because I am very proud to be the mayor of Regina. As Mayor  I want to continue to make a positive contribution to our city and its future.

Question: What will you do to keep Regina growing?

Answer: Invest in infrastructure, keep commercial and property taxes competitive, ensure taxpayers dollars are spent wisely, ensure we have a vibrant and growing downtown, keep Regina a safe and prosperous place with a vibrant cultural, artistic community that welcomes investment and job creation. Affordable housing must be a priority.

Question: What are you priorities for Regina?

Answer: Conduct a core services review; ensure taxpayers’ dollars are spent wisely, invest in infrastructure, including investment in local roads; continue to move forward with the Railyard Renewal Project as part of the RRI; keep Regina a safe place. Ensure Regina is a growing, attractive, sustainable and inclusive community.

Question: What is your leadership style?

Answer: I am committed to lead by listening and acting. We will continue to make strong educated decisions, based on citizen engagement, collaboration and strong partnerships. Together we can provide a clear vision for our city.

Question: What is Regina’s biggest opportunity?

Answer:  To continue to create a vibrant and dynamic city that seizes opportunities like the RRI: the Rail Yard Renewal Project in the heart of our city; enhance our quality of life implementing the new Cultural Plan; continue to be a welcoming community that is the destination new businesses and newcomers.